Thursday, July 3, 2008

Devils Offseason moves

It have started, the Free Agency.

The Devils have signed former Devils players Brian Rolston and Bobby Holik.
Holik got a 1-year 2.5 million contract while Rolston signed for 5-years 20 million.

I think these are goid signings and will fit well with the needs we have.

Before the free agency began, Salvador, Pandlofo, Clarkson and Tallackson where signed on different contracts.

Of these i find Salvadors contract to be quite much money for a defensive defensman just like White's contract. But it's nothing to compare with what Commondore got in his contract. Just plain stupid.

I think the devils are pretty much done with the signings of free agents. There might come some trade that will shake things up, you never now with Lou.

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